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Ferrari opposes 'pathetic' engine changes

ESPNF1 Staff
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Luca di Montezemolo: 'For the top class of racing it sounds a bit pathetic' © Sutton Images

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has admitted he is looking for allies in his aversion to Formula One's new engine formula for 2013.

When the four-cylinder turbo regulations were announced recently, di Montezemolo said the team was "not happy" but "will not stand in the way".

But di Montezemolo told Auto Motor und Sport of his aversion to the changes. "Four cylinders is not formula one. We will not be building any for our street cars [and] for the top class of racing it sounds a bit pathetic.

"Why couldn't we have a V6 turbo? We should not confuse affordable with cheap."

He admitted that he will look for like-minded opponents to the new formula. "If there is the slightest possibility to delay the four cylinder [introduction], I will look for it. We see a chance. We need unity."

One possible ally might be rival F1 engine maker Mercedes. "It would have been better to extend the V8 era," agreed Norbert Haug, with the German engine marque currently leading the field with F1's current engines. "That [V8] is a low-cost engine."

However, Auto Motor und Sport said Cosworth's Mark Gallagher believes only €30 million would be needed to design an engine according to the new 2013 formula.