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Ferrari season has been 'nearly perfect' - Alonso

ESPN Staff
October 11, 2012 « Kobayashi in need of a sponsor to stay in F1 | Alonso and Vettel not ruling out Hamilton »
Fernando Alonso: "It's been nearly a perfect championship for us" © Press Association
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Fernando Alonso insists there will be no change to Ferrari's approach to the rest of the season despite having had his championship lead slashed to four points.

With Sebastian Vettel winning in Japan and Alonso retiring Vettel took 25 points out of Alonso's lead in the standings. However, Alonso said that nothing needs to be changed because his two retirements this season have been out of Ferrari's control and on the occasions that it has finished races it has always achieved the best possible result.

"We are pushing from the first test in winter, so nothing has changed now for the last five races," Alonso said. "We just need to keep doing the things as we have been doing so far; it's been nearly a perfect championship for us at the moment with very good strategies, good starts, good approach for races and everything we had in our hands on a Sunday we always maximised the points. We had one zero in Spa and one zero in Suzuka by things completely outside of our control, so apart from that we don't need to change too many things."

Alonso added that he was hoping his luck would change and allow him to score strong consistent points between now and the end of the season.

"I think we've been attacking all the races. We were fighting in all races the maximum we can and approaching the race to maximise the points we have available. Sometimes we were on the podium, sometimes we were fourth sometimes we were fifth, and this will not change now. We cannot overdrive or overdo what is available for us.

"Now we've lost many points in the last four races because in Spa we had one DNF - we had nothing really to do with that - in Monza we had a Q3 problem and we started tenth, and in Suzuka we had a puncture at the start in the first corner. So all these last four races when we lost a lot of points I think is just some unlucky situations and things normally change. It goes up and down; we are hopefully finishing our bad run and will start a very good five rounds until the end."