• Bahrain rescheduling

FIA stick by May deadline for Bahrain

ESPNF1 Staff
March 16, 2011 « Todt admits change is slow to come | »

The May 1 deadline for a decision on the rescheduling of the Bahrain Grand Prix remains in place, despite a three-month state of emergency being declared on the island state.

The race was originally scheduled to take place last weekend, but civil unrest led to it being cancelled. Last week the FIA's World Motor Sport Council said it would review the situation on May 1 in order to give Bahrain the option of running the race towards the end of the season if the situation improved.

But with fresh tensions in the capital Manama and Saudi Arabian troops on the ground this week, it looks unlikely that that will the case. Nevertheless an FIA spokesman said the May 1 deadline remains in place.

"There were many people involved in making that decision and for now the Council will respect the deadline," he said. "There is an obligation to that. But clearly the situation is fluid. We're adapting to information day by day, because of what is now happening we will react when it is the right moment."