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WAGs to be invited to World Cup camp

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February 27, 2014
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Miami is set to get a taste of the media circus surrounding the England squad after Roy Hodgson confirmed that the players' wives and girlfriends will be invited to the latter part of the team's World Cup training camp in Florida.

The Three Lions will play Ecuador and Honduras in Miami's Sunlife Stadium the week before the tournament in Brazil gets underway, as Hodgson seeks to acclimatise to the conditions expected in the South American country.

And the England boss confirmed that the players' partners have been invited, evoking memories of some of the publicity that the team received in Baden-Baden, Germany during the 2006 World Cup when wives and girlfriends came along too.

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"In Miami, we have invited the players or suggested to the players that their wives could come for the later part of the stay there and when it comes to Brazil, we haven't made any hard and fast rules," Hodgson said.

"It will be up to the players to decide, presumably around the games more than anything else if they want to bring their wives there. There are issues. There are no doubts about that and I think it's important that they understand what issues there are likely to be, in terms of security, in terms of their wives coming. And if they make a decision to bring their wives, it will be done with the full facts at their disposal."

Hodgson also confirmed that the England management team will have a "superficial" talk with the squad in order to prepare them for some of the off-field aspects of the World Cup - most notably sponsorship, security and any family travelling.

"This will obviously be a very superficial talk with the players," he said. "We can't go through all the thoughts and plans for Brazil but it's going to be important where we're thinking of going, why we're thinking of going, what sort of thing we will be looking for.

"To introduce a few things like getting the guy from security to talk to them, in particular maybe about their wives - if they are thinking about bringing their wives to Miami or Brazil. Go through to some extent the other requirements, in terms of sponsorship and mass media. We won't be doing an awful lot. It'll be 25 to 30 minutes.

"At least I want the players to go away with some clear idea of 'if I'm in the 23, this is what awaits me' and I also want them to go away with some clear idea of 'if I am going to get in that 23, these are the things I need to be thinking about doing between now and then, so if I do get selected I will be ready.'

"The security for the teams, as is always the case, we have the focus, we have the security, we have the protection, we have all the people to make it as difficult as possible to get close to us. I would say that if there are going to be security problems at all it could be for the people, the fans and the wives. I hope there won't be any.

"I don't necessarily share the scare-mongering that goes on but it will be for everybody I think, be they a fan or a wife or a family friend. They must be aware that it's a long way from home and you should at least put some plans into operation to make sure that you understand any possible security issues and that you deal with them, because that will be everyone's responsibility."

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