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Di Resta's car falls short in weight check

ESPN Staff
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Paul di Resta's car came in under weight on post qualifying checks © Sutton Images

Paul di Resta's fifth place on the grid at the British Grand Prix is under threat after the Formula One technical delegate found his car to be underweight after qualifying.

Di Resta was best of the rest behind the Mercedes and Red Bulls on Saturday but when he was called to the pit lane weigh bridge his car was found to be under the regulation weight of 642kg. Once the car had been drained of fluids and the scales checked, FIA delegate Jo Bauer found the car to be 1.5kg underweight and has forwarded the matter to the stewards who may decide to penalise di Resta, most likely by sending him to the back of the grid.

"After the third qualifying session ca number 14, driver Paul di Resta, was weighed 641.5kg, 0.5kg under the minimum weight as required by Article 4.1 of the 2013 Technical Regulations," read Bauer's technical report. "After this the car was completely drained in order to establish the minimum weight do the car without fuel, 642kg, was respected at all times during the qualifying practice sessions.

"Then the car was weighed again without any fuel on board and weighed only 640.0kg, 2.0kg below of the minimum weight.

"The scales were checked with the calibrated weights supplied by the organizer of the Event and they showed 599.5kg when checking with 600.0kg of weights.

"Taken this 0.5kg into account, car 14 is still 1.5kg below the minimum weight as required by Article 4.1 of the 2013 Formula One Technical Regulations."