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Force India is 'a loser' - Fernley

ESPN Staff
July 10, 2013 « Pirelli goes more aggressive in Hungary | Ferrari won't rush second driver choice »
Force India failed to score a point in Germany © Sutton Images
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Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley says the tyre changes made by Pirelli are "not healthy for Force India".

So far this season Force India has displayed strong pace anchored to its ability to look after the 2013 Pirellis. However, the team failed to score a point in Germany as it struggled with the updated rear tyres and Fernley said he doesn't expect the situation to get much better when a further change is introduced in Hungary.

"I don't think we are confident, it's quite a significant change," Fernley said. "Obviously what we've got to look at is running it [during the Young Driver Test] at Silverstone; the good positive thing is we can do a good back-to-back comparison from only a week ago. The weather was quite good on race day so we've got good data to be able to do the comparisons with. But the tyre is so significantly different, and the car is designed specifically around that 2013 tyre, that we will have to re-engage design work on something that we actually thought we'd stopped because we want to move on to the 2014 car. So it's not good. It's not healthy for Force India.

"I think there are other teams as well. I'm sure Ferrari are in that situation, Lotus seemed to go well [in Germany] but it will affect them because it's quite significant again for them. And there will be more teams; there will be some winners and there will be some losers. For sure we are a loser, the question is how much do we lose."

Fernley also said the team would not spend long investigating its troubles in Germany with the tyres used there not being supplied again.

"The tyres obviously have an effect but how big an effect is difficult to actually determine. And is there a lot of point of putting a great deal of effort in to working it out when we're going to go to a completely new set of tyres as well for Hungary. So it was really a case of just trying to get through the weekend really."