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Pirelli goes more aggressive in Hungary

ESPN Staff
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The soft tyres performed better than expected at the Nurburgring © Getty Images
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Pirelli has changed its tyre compounds for the Hungarian Grand Prix, choosing a more aggressive selection.

Initially Pirelli announced that it would supply the medium and hard compound tyres at the Hungaroring, with Lotus especially vocal at what it believed to be a conservative choice. However, with changes being made to the tyres and the softs holding up better than expected during a warm race in Germany, Hembery revealed the same tyres from the Nurburgring would be run in Hungary.

"I think you'll see this same kind of combination again," Hembery said when asked by ESPN if the soft tyre's performance would cause Pirelli to rethink its plans. "I think it's quite right that we are going to Hungary with the soft and medium; if you went soft and super-soft I think it might end up with four stops for everybody and they're all really struggling. Here you see the two contrasts and I think we'll see something similar in Hungary."

However, Hembery warned the increased performance of the cars meant there was no other option than to use the hardest compounds available at certain tracks.

"When you get to the tougher circuits it's going to be medium and hard by default basically. Your Monzas, Suzakas and Spa; there's no real option there this time round because we are so aggressive and the cars are so much quicker. [At the Nurburgring] we were one and a half seconds, nearly two second quicker than we were here two years ago and that was with the blown diffuser car, so they're going quick!"