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FIA fast-tracks pit lane safety changes

ESPN Staff
July 10, 2013 « FIA confirms Silverstone test rules | Pirelli goes more aggressive in Hungary »
The changes have been fast-tracked after a cameraman was injured by a loose wheel at the German Grand Prix © Getty Images

The FIA has moved to increase safety following the German Grand Prix by only allowing team personnel and event marshals in the pit lane.

The steps have been taken after an FOM cameraman was injured after being struck by a loose wheel which had detached from Mark Webber's car in the pit lane at the Nurburgring. The FIA is only allowing approved media access to the pit wall from now on.

In addition, the FIA is fast-tracking changes already approved for 2014, with the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) being asked to approve two changes to the Sporting Regulations for immediate implementation. The first change is to Article 23.11, which will now require all team personnel working on a car during a pit stop to wear head protection.

The second change is to Article 30.12, which will see a reduction of the pit lane speed limit during races from 100km/h to 80km/h (with the exception of Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore, where due to track configuration the limit remains at 60km/h).

The full articles read as follows:

Article 23.11 - Team personnel are only allowed in the pit lane immediately before they are required to work on a car and must withdraw as soon as the work is complete. All team personnel carrying out any work on a car during a race pit stop must be wearing head protection.

Article 30.12 - A speed limit of 80km/h will be imposed in the pit lane during the whole Event. However, this limit may be amended by the stewards following a recommendation from the FIA F1 safety delegate. Any team whose driver exceeds the limit during any practice session will be fined €100 for each km/h above the limit, up to a maximum of €1000. However, in accordance with Article 18.1 the stewards may inflict an additional penalty if they suspect a driver was speeding in order to gain any sort of advantage. During the race the stewards may impose either of the penalties under Article 16.3a) or b) on any driver who exceeds the limit.