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Sutil issues Force India warning

ESPN Staff
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Adrian Sutil has only ever driven for Force India in its various guises © Getty Images

Adrian Sutil has warned Force India that it doesn't hold all the cards when it comes to deciding his future with the team.

Force India has said it will make a decision over its driver line-up after the end of the season, with the team traditionally making an announcement on its drivers for the following year around Christmas. While Sutil says he is likely to want to stay at the team for 2014, he has warned Force India that he could seek an option elsewhere and will not just be waiting on its decision.

"I will probably do another season here," Sutil said. "It's a good team; at the moment we're not as strong as we used to be but I think it's one of the best private teams and it's hard to find a better seat. As I said I would like to do another season here but I haven't made up my mind completely and no decision is made at this point.

"It's not all about the team that they say 'You are allowed to drive now' or not. I can also make some comments if I want to stay here and I think it's 50:50; the team needs to know what they want and I need to know what I want, but it's not that they decide what I'm allowed to do. I think I'm in a strong position; I've done my job this year and you'd still have to find someone else who does the job like I do.

"If there is a better driver somewhere out there and they want it, it's fine. Take it, and good luck."