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Force India primed for first test

ESPNF1 Staff
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Andrew Green: "There's a bit of anxiety just waiting to see what everyone else comes up with" © Sutton Images
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Force India's new car will be ready to run at the first pre-season test after passing all crash tests last month.

A new rule brought in by the FIA for 2012 states that the teams must pass all of the crash tests prior to going testing, marking a significant change in the winter schedules. Force India technical director Andy Green said that getting its chassis homologated in December actually meant that the team went in to the winter break safe in the knowledge that one of the biggest hurdles had already been negotiated.

"We're on schedule, that's the good news!" Green said. "It's been a little bit tougher this year, having to homologate the chassis prior to testing. So there was a little bit of extra planning involved to get that sorted. The chassis has been homologated since December. There were a lot of fingers crossed! You're hoping everything does what all the analysis says it should have done. It's always nice when you reel off the tests one-by-one without any dramas at all. It's a real credit to everybody.

"It was a different schedule, a different plan, compared to last year. Everything went to schedule, so we went into the holidays very relaxed that we'd got all that signed off. Everyone could go away and have a good break over the New Year knowing that we were ready to go!"

Green also admitted that while it was exciting to see the new car take shape, not knowing how competitive it will prove against the opposition was always a worry.

"There's always a buzz around when it's happening. I've been looking at the car in its model form for a while now. But for a lot of people when it comes together will be the first time they've seen it. It's always an exciting time when the car fires up for the first time, and it's been born!

"It is a busy time for us, and there's a huge unknown as well. We don't know how well we've done over the winter compared to our competitors, and thus there's a bit of anxiety just waiting to see what everyone else comes up with. So there's that side of it too."