German Grand Prix Nürburgring, Nürburg July 5-7, 2013

Total laps 60
Lap distance 5.148 km
Track Conditions Dry / 42C

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Free practice 1  July 5 - 10:00 local | 08:00 GMT | 09:00 BST
Free practice 2  July 5 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST
Free practice 3  July 6 - 11:00 local | 09:00 GMT | 10:00 BST

Qualifying  July 6 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST
Race  July 7 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST

  Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Vettel GER Red Bull 60 3
2 Räikkönen FIN Lotus F1 60 3
3 Grosjean FRA Lotus F1 60 3
4 Alonso FL ESP Ferrari 60 3
5 Hamilton GBR Mercedes 60 3
6 Button GBR McLaren 60 2
7 Webber AUS Red Bull 60 3
8 Perez MEX McLaren 60 2
9 Rosberg GER Mercedes 60 3
10 Hülkenberg GER Alfa Romeo 60 3
11 di Resta GBR Racing Point 60 2
12 Ricciardo AUS Toro Rosso 60 3
13 Sutil GER Racing Point 60 3
14 Gutiérrez MEX Alfa Romeo 60 3
15 Maldonado VEN Williams 60 2
16 Bottas FIN Williams 59 2
17 Pic FRA Caterham 59 3
18 van der Garde NED Caterham 59 3
19 Chilton GBR Manor 59 4
hydraulics Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 22 2
engine Bianchi FRA Manor 21 2
spun off Massa BRA Ferrari 3 0

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Horner says he expected Raikkonen to stay out at the end of that race rather than the late stop for soft tyres. He also says that the cameraman hit by a tyre after Webber's stop is "battered and bruised" but okay.

We've also finally seen Raikkonen's hair cut. It's not quite as wild as we'd hoped. I think he's had it tidied up a bit since Silverstone.

A very enjoyable race today. Vettel also looked like he enjoyed as he chats to Raikkonen ahead of the podium ceremony.

Vettel cheered onto the podium this week. He wasn't in Canada last month.

As the German national anthem rings out over the Nurburgring, we've got to say goodbye. Thanks for joining us this weekend. We've now got a three week break to the Hungarian Grand Prix, but there will be plenty of reaction to come this evening and over the rest of the week to this race. Don't forget the Young Driver Test (with added race drivers) is also coming up in a week and half so plenty of reasons to stay logged on to ESPN.

Lap 60

Vettel wins the German Grand Prix by 1.0s. Grosjean holds on for third ahead of Alonso 1.8s back.

Webber passes Perez on the last lap for seventh.

Alonso comes to a stop, most likely out of fuel.

Vettel ecstatic over the team radio "they gave me a run for my money today".

Grosjean and Raikkonen receive a round of applauds in parc ferme. They threw everything at trying to beat Vettel but it didn't quite pay off.

Vettel leads Raikkonen by 1.0s at the start of the final lap.

Hamilton passes Button for fifth around the outside in turns two and three.

Vettel told to "empty the tank" and looks clear. Raikkonen gets the use of DRS but it's not enough.

Lap 59

Raikkonen is now 1.2s off Vettel, who is now having to push very hard indeed. Alonso is 0.6s off Grosjean right now.

Lap 58

Raikkonen has the gap down to 1.6s. I don't think he's going to be able to do it at this pace. Vettel is under pressure though and can't afford any mistakes.

Alonso is now 0.7s off Grosjean. He will try something before the end of the race.

Lap 57

Raikkonen is now 2.1s off Vettel with four laps remaining. He's about 0.5s a lap faster. Game on! Although catching is one thing, passing is quite another.

Raikkonen can see Vettel now and takes 0.3s out of him the first sector alone. He can smell a win. Grosjean is also about to come under attack from Alonso.

Lap 56

Hamilton passes Perez for sixth as the McLaren struggles with its tyres on a two stop strategy.

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