• German Grand Prix

'We want to win and we couldn't' - Raikkonen

ESPN Staff
July 7, 2013 « Vettel forced to push hard after KERS issue | Grosjean accepts Lotus strategy »
Kimi Raikkonen: "The heat apparently helps us" © Getty Images
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Kimi Raikkonen has attributed Lotus' improved form at the German Grand Prix to the track characteristics and hotter temperatures, saying his team still has work to do in other conditions.

Raikkonen finished a close second to Sebastian Vettel at the Nurburgring and appeared to have the faster car in race conditions. It was a noticeable improvement on last week's race at Silverstone, but Raikkonen said the car still has weaknesses.

"We want to win and we couldn't, so it's not ideal," he said. "The heat apparently helps us because the car is no different than it was a week ago and I think the high-downforce circuits are much better suited to us than ones like Silverstone. So we still have some work to do."

Raikkonen reeled in Vettel in the closing stages and he believes he would have had a chance to pass the Red Bull if the race had been a few laps longer.

"I think we had a pretty good last part of the race but obviously the cars are evenly matched in speeds so it was very difficult to overtake. Maybe some more laps would have helped and it would have come close, but it's only 60 laps in this race and we have to try to make it happen in that time. Apart from that, at the beginning, after the first stop, I got stuck behind a Mercedes for a while. I managed to pass him and the car was pretty good andit all started again when the safety car came. Again, it was the same sort of situation but it was too close on the speeds so we didn't really get a chance to overtake."