• German Grand Prix

Vettel surprised at poor start

ESPNF1 Staff
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Sebastian Vettel saw the Ferraris go past him at the start © Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel admitted he was surprised to see the Ferraris catapult past him at the start of the German Grand Prix as the home favourite eventually finished back in third.

Vettel, who started from pole, said afterwards that had been confident he could get off the line quicker than his rivals.

"Usually we have very good starts," said Vettel. "Yesterday I was told Ferrari had good starts but up until today we had better ones.

"I had quite a lot of grip, dropped the clutch and had a bit of a bolt, the first few metres were very poor. Luckily I didn't stall the engine so lost momentum. I knew it would be tight with Fernando and no way to stay ahead of him and then I was surprised to see Felipe come from the left."

Although Vettel closed up on Felipe Massa in the final few laps, he admitted there was little he could do to challenge for position.

"It was a good race and we knew it would be tight. The closer you get you feel the tyres losing grip, and starting to have a bit of graining. For the majority of the race the Ferraris were a tenth or two quicker than us. It was difficult to keep up the pace.

"The race is done, we finished third so we can be proud of that. We achieved our maximum today, Congratulations to Ferrari and I'm very pleased to be on the podium, it's special to be there at a home grand prix. To be here and see everyone cheering is very nice, very emotional."