• German Grand Prix - FP2

Button maintains wet tyre concerns

ESPN Staff
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Jenson Button praised McLaren for the new updates but says it has work to do in the wet © Sutton Images

Jenson Button is happy with McLaren's updates but is still concerned by its troubles with tyre temperature in wet conditions.

After a productive FP1 in which Button was quickest in the dry, FP2 was wet and gave McLaren the opportunity to work on its pace on the intermediate and wet tyres after struggling at Silverstone. Button said that the new parts seemed to work well during the first session but once again the team was having trouble when the track is wet.

"In the first session of the day we got quite a lot of laps in the dry, I think we did 27 laps," Button said. "Three different runs, we did some good back-to-backs on different things so there's a lot of very useful information, I think we got more out of the session than most teams did.

"And P2 was a useful session for us but we're still struggling with tyre temperatures in those wet conditions. We tried a lot of things and some of them were working - which is good - but there's still a lot more work to really improve in that area. As soon as the circuit starts drying out and you can get heat in those tyres then we're very quick. So we need to work on that and hopefully we've gathered a lot of information today and we can improve it for tomorrow because it's going to be wet I think."

Button insisted that his confidence was unaffected by his recent poor results, saying his FP1 performance was proof he was still driving well.

"It doesn't change my confidence at all. I wouldn't be here going quick on a Friday if I wasn't confident in my ability and confident in the car. It hasn't worked out for me but it's there so we've just got to keep pushing all weekend and hope we have a good race, sometimes you luck in to it, sometimes you luck out of it and sometimes the car works - we haven't had that lately but hopefully we will this weekend."