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No action taken against Red Bull after investigation

ESPN Staff
July 22, 2012 « Red Bull engine map legality questioned | Vettel defends Button overtake despite being penalised »
Red Bull will not face any further action after a stewards' investigation © Press Association

The stewards at the German Grand Prix have decided not to take any further action against Red Bull after the legality of its engine map was questioned by the FIA.

On Sunday morning the FIA's technical delegate Jo Bauer questioned the torque output of the Red Bull's Renault engine at mid rpm range as he found it not to match the output at previous events. Essentially he felt it the torque output was not linear with the throttle input from the driver, which he believes to be in breach of Article 5.5.3 of the technical regulations, and also offering an aerodynamic benefit.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and technical director Adrian Newey visited the stewards to present their evidence, and an hour ahead of the start of the race the stewards said they would not take any action.

"The Stewards met with the team representative and the representatives of the engine supplier Renault," read a statement. "While the Stewards do not accept all the arguments of the team, they however conclude that as the regulation is written, the map presented does not breach the text of Art. 5.5.3 of the Formula One Technical Regulations and therefore decide to take no further action."

Sebastian Vettel will start second while a grid penalty for a gearbox change sees Mark Webber start eighth.