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Pirelli adds GP2 Final incentive

ESPNF1 Staff
November 4, 2011 « Coletti and Ceccon confirmed for Toro Rosso | Rosberg eyes gains on top three »
Pirelli is including a cash reward for GP3 graduates © Sutton Images
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Pirelli has added an incentive to the GP2 Final race at Abu Dhabi by announcing that it will reward the highest-placed GP3 drivers.

With the one-off non-championship weekend providing an opportunity for GP2 teams to promote drivers from the series below in to a race seat, there are currently five drivers from this year's GP3 series confirmed to take part. James Calado, Tom Dillmann, Antonio Felix da Costa, Rio Haryanto and Nigel Melker will all have the opportunity to compete for a 15,000 Euro reward for being the highest-placed driver, with 10,000 Euros going to the next best finisher.

The rewards are available in both Saturday's feature race and Sunday's sprint race which take place as support to the grand prix on November 13. As well as Formula One, Pirelli supplies tyres down to both GP2 and GP3, having first supported GP3 in 2010 in order to prepare drivers for the higher levels.