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No good vibrations for Schumacher in India

ESPNF1 Staff
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Michael Schumacher has struggled with his tyres © Sutton Images

Michael Schumacher said he could not understand why he was getting vibrations on his set of soft Pirelli tyres during his final qualifying run in Q2 that saw him miss out on Q3.

"Qualifying today was not really very good for us," said Schumacher. "In Q1 I hit some traffic, and then on my final run in Q2, there was again vibrations on the set of tyres and I don't understand why we occasionally seem to have that. It happened in Korea and now it's happened again. Saying that, this certainly does not explain the difference to Nico.

"It's not only to be seen in the vibration but certainly in something in how you prepare the tyres. I have seen occasionally some weakness on that on my side but I haven't yet fully understood why."

Despite the obvious setback, Schumacher hopes that he can creep into the points from his starting place of 11th.

"So we need to understand what the reason was for that and get on top of it and it should be okay. As for the race tomorrow, this should work out better for me, and my aim undoubtedly is to score some points. I'm not really sure which side of the grid will be the better one, so I will just take it from there and try to gain as much as possible."