• Indian Grand Prix - FP2

Grosjean ready to take 'gambles'

ESPN Staff
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Romain Grosjean was ninth quickest in FP2 © Sutton Images
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Romain Grosjean says he is willing to "take some gambles" regarding his set-up ahead of the Indian Grand Prix.

This weekend is Grosjean's first time driving the Buddh International Circuit and he was faced with a constantly evolving track during Friday practice. Grosjean admitted that it was a challenge trying to find the right set-up as the grip level increased and as a result there could be some overnight decisions which are based on guesswork.

"It's quite hard to set up the car as the track has been changing a lot through the day from zero grip in the morning to a much better level in the afternoon," Grosjean said. "But then we have to play along with it; whatever you do in the morning is not right in the afternoon and the opposite.

"Let's work tonight, there's some things that we need to change for tomorrow; maybe take some gambles because you know that you have to change things but you don't know how it's going to react in the morning so hopefully tomorrow we can prepare a bit more for qualy and then go through what we want."

One area Grosjean was happy, however, was with the new Coanda-effect exhausts. Running the layout for the first time after only Kimi Raikkonen had the update in Korea, Grosjean said he could feel a clear improvement in car handling.

"It feels pretty good, I think it's a good step for the future that we can get from that. You can quite easily feel the difference so that's a good point to make. [You have to change your driving style] a little bit but then it's running and you can find out that it can be good, but I think it will help us in quite a lot of circumstances and it looks good on track.

"There is power lost, but you don't notice it when you're on your own! I quite like it, you can go on power earlier, traction is better, braking is normally a bit better so it helps us get more downforce and that is basically what we want."