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Hamilton working to avoid incidents

ESPNF1 Staff
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Lewis Hamilton admits he is not in the best place in his life following recent criticism © Sutton Images

Lewis Hamilton says he needs to do a better job at avoiding incidents and negative publicity but that he is "not giving up".

Hamilton has been the centre of controversy on a number of occasions this season, most recently following a collision with Felipe Massa in the Singapore Grand Prix. Hamilton says that he is working to make sure he is not involved in such incidents, but that the most important thing was his ability to bounce back from the criticism he receives.

"I'm trying my best to avoid those things but I've been in awkward positions this year," Hamilton is quoted by the BBC. "I'm trying my hardest. I'm still here, still fighting, and I'm not giving up.

"Obviously I'd like to be winning and doing a better job. Am I in the best place in my life? No, there's been a lot of negative stories. But what's most important is still I rise, I'm here, fighting again, I'm here in front of all the cameras and media regardless of how many negative stories there are and I'm here to fight another day."

Speaking specifically about the incidents he's had this season, Hamilton said it was just a case of being penalised for small errors.

"It's just been unfortunate. When things go that quickly, sometimes you get it wrong. What people need to understand is that when you're driving a Formula 1 car there is not one second that you drive that is the same next time around. You are juggling tons of balls and sometimes you drop one of them. You can drop the ball that gets you a penalty and I just seem to be dropping that particular ball quite often."

Hamilton also said he would not be speaking to Massa about the clash in Singapore because he had no issue to raise.

"I don't think we have anything else to discuss. I don't have any problems with him. It's a shame we're still talking about the previous race. I'm over it, it's in the past, I had my penalty so I don't feel I owe any more."