• Korean Grand Prix

Vettel admits he was 'stupid'

ESPNF1 Staff
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Sebastian Vettel pushed hard on his final lap to record the fastest lap © Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel said that he was "stupid" in chasing the fastest lap at the end of the Korean Grand Prix.

Despite Vettel having won 10 races this season and having had the fastest car over one lap in qualifying 12 times, he had only set the fastest lap of the race on one occasion before the grand prix. As a result he pushed hard on the final lap to secure the accolade, even though any accident would have left Red Bull having to wait to seal the constuctor's championship.

After the race Vettel admitted that it was stupid to go for the fastest lap having been told by the team to take it easy, especially as he said the only reward was for his ego.

"I think they will kill me now," Vettel said. "On the radio they initially said 'you didn't get the fastest lap' which obviously isn't true. Then they came back on the radio and said 'idiot, you got it'.

"It's really stupid. I think in other races it doesn't really make sense, but on the last lap I had a good feeling, and yeah, I was pushing a bit harder to get the fastest lap. It's a small thing. It's probably more to do with the ego because there are no points, so it's really stupid from my side, but now I've got one, I'm happy."