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Even the best make mistakes - Grosjean

ESPN Staff
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Romain Grosjean believes he will make better judgements in future as he improves with experience © Sutton Images
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Romain Grosjean said the incident between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel in Monza proves that even the best drivers make mistakes.

Having caused a first-lap crash at Spa, Grosjean was forced to miss the Italian Grand Prix after being given a one-race ban by the stewards. During that race, Vettel was handed a drive-through penalty after crowding Alonso off the track at high speed through Curva Grande.

Returning this weekend for the Singapore Grand Prix, Grosjean was questioned about how careful he would be at the start of the grand prix, but he said it's not just him who is capable of making an error of judgement during the race.

"I think it's a bit more complex than just being extra cautious," Grosjean said. "There's a few things that have to be in place but we'll try to learn from the difficult time and improve ourselves. Because you think that if I'm not on the grid there won't be any crashes ever? That's a bit silly to be honest, I'm not the only one, I've had a few but it's not always the same. If you look at Monza it has been the same in the race with two world champions."

Grosjean also said experience would help him avoid similar incidents in the future, and says running at the front so early in his career means his errors are magnified.

"It's a hard balance to find which comes with experience. Most of the time we forget that it's my first year in Formula One. I'm always fighting in the top ten because almost always qualifying in Q3 and it means that you are always with very experienced drivers and sometimes it's not as easy as maybe learning from the back - and you see the mistakes more as well.

"It's very tight between taking the right decision and taking the wrong decision, it maybe sometimes 0.1s, even less. And there is a lot of stress at this time of the race; it comes with the experience to know exactly what you can do to take the right decision but as well with the preparation. I will change a few things around me to help me get better prepared for the race and to improve myself."