• Malaysian Grand Prix

'I f****d up' - Vettel

ESPN Staff
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Sebastian Vettel tried to explain himself to Mark Webber on the podium after the race © Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel admits he "f****d up" when he ignored team orders to overtake Mark Webber in the final stages of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Webber was leading his team-mate by over four seconds ahead of the final round of pit stops and rejoined just ahead afterwards, but Vettel attacked and despite team orders to hold position Vettel eventually took the lead and the victory. Webber was clearly angry following the race, as were the Red Bull hierarchy, and Vettel admitted he realised the error he made once he got out of the car.

"I didn't do it deliberately so I didn't realise I had made a mistake, only when I came back but by not everybody's but the team's reaction, I realised," Vettel said. "I had a very short word with Mark and then it hit me quite hard and I realised that - language - I f****d up."

"It has to be said that we respect each other and there's nothing in that regard that has to be fixed. Obviously I owe him a proper explanation. I tried to give it in front of everyone and I will try again just face-to-face. We don't hate each other so I don't think there's anything to worry about going in to the next couple of races.

"I messed up today, I apologise for that but right now I want to say the truth. I wasn't aware of it otherwise I wouldn't take that much risk to pass someone I'm not supposed to pass at that moment. But obviously just before we got out on the podium I had a very quick word and it was quite a shock. It's not easy for me to admit but that's the truth so I want to stick to the truth."

Vettel even went as far as to admit that he wasn't proud with his victory as Webber should have been the man to win the race.

"I'm not really too worried or don't really care about the criticism that is coming now. I owe an explanation to Mark and to the team and that's it. Everyone else obviously has the right to have their own opinions but for sure it is not a victory that I'm very proud of because it should have been Mark's."