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Button doesn't want long-term contract

ESPN Staff
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Jenson Button: "For me that freedom is important in the future" © Getty Images
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Jenson Button says he does not want to sign a long-term contract with McLaren as "freedom is important in the future".

The announcement that Honda would become McLaren's engine supplier in 2015 raises the question of whether 33-year-old Button will still be driving for the team in two years' time. Asked how long he sees himself racing for in the future, Button said he would not tie himself down to a long-term contract.

"I don't want to think about the future too much at the moment," Button said. "You've got to live in the moment and I don't think trying to agree a lengthy deal for the future is something that is interesting at the moment for me. I'm 13 years in the sport and I want to have freedom and that feeling of if it doesn't feel right any more: stop. I definitely don't feel that yet and it feels like it is going to be a long way down the road but for me that freedom is important in the future."

Speaking specifically about the Honda deal, Button said he expects the announcement to be the first of many new engine manufacturers expressing an interest to return.

"I thought it was good news, for us as a team I think it's good news for the future but I also think for the sport as a whole it's fantastic news. Having another engine manufacturer in the sport is good. We have four very strong engine manufacturers in the sport and with the new regulations it's going to bring in other manufacturers. Honda being the first to announce that is great and hopefully there will be more."

Focusing on this weekend's race in Monaco, Button backed Mercedes to win the race if it solves its tyre issues.

"I think Mercedes will be very quick; if they can put it on the front row and can one-stop in the race then they've won the race. Let's see, hopefully it won't be as simple as that and we can have some fun out there."