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McLaren has to move on after 'painful' mistakes - Neale

ESPN Staff
July 23, 2013 « Sirotkin unable to postpone F1 chance | Germany was just a blip - di Resta »
McLaren has been the disappointment of the 2013 season © Getty Images
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McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale has called on his team to move on from the mistakes it made this year as it faces the prospect of its first season winless season since 2006.

McLaren made a radical departure from its race-winning 2012 car over the winter in the pursuit of performance, but the plan backfired and it has not finished higher than fifth in the first eight races of 2013. Neale said the disappointment has focused the team as it shifts more and more of its resources towards next season.

"Formula One is one of those sports where you are punished if you are off the pace," he was quoted by The Sun. "Coming to do that in front of hundreds of millions of people every fortnight is very focussing. We've managed to achieve some things in terms of reliability, operational consistency and stuff. But the on-track delivery is just not competitive at the moment and that's very painful.

"We're working very hard to try and do something about that and make sure we don't repeat the mistakes going into next season. We've got to look long-term. McLaren have been around for 50 years, we've got 182 race wins. We will be back, we will be winning.

"There's nothing to be complacent about but there's nothing to panic about. We made some mistakes, we've got to get over it, we've got to move on."

Jenson Button is not expecting to win a race this year but said the team has shown signs of progress at recent races.

"Of course, a win in 2013 is going to be difficult, but I actually think the team is working very well right now: in Germany, our tyre-usage, strategy and management of the race was as good as it's ever been. It would be good to have a car with a little more pace to enable those calls to have a bit more impact at the front of the pack, but, for the moment, we can be satisfied by doing the best possible job in qualifying and on Sunday afternoon."