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Racing won't change in 2014 - Button

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Jenson Button does not believe the new 2014 engines will significantly change the way drivers approach races next season.

F1 will enter a new era of turbo-charged V6 engines next year, with more power coming from Energy Recovery Units [ERS]. There will also be a limit on the amount of fuel permitted for a race, prompting suggestions that drivers might have to fuel save and coast to the finish.

However, Button believes the changes will not dramatically change the driver's job and the new engines will not have as big an impact on races as the current tyre-saving strategies do.

"I don't think we are going to see anything different next year," he said. "I think we are still going to see great racing, I don't think we are going to see much fuel saving and the drivers will not drive any differently to how they drive this year. You already have to look after the tyres this year, and if you get into a rhythm at the start of the race, certain corners you look after the tyres and other corners you push. Next year will be the same."

Next year will also see drivers limited to eight gear ratios for the whole season, rather than having the freedom to switch between their current seven ratios race to race. But Button said that will not impact the spectacle and the only thing drivers may have to think more about is how they use KERS to supplement the power from the engine.

"It's eight gears and the reason we have eight gears is so we don't have to change them [at each race]," he said. "You won't use eight gears in Monaco, you will use eight gears at Monza. First gear will only be used at the launch, if it is used at the launch at all as it might be second gear. You are still going to have seven gears in the 'box that you will use. Nothing will be different. It will be a lot busier understanding the power unit and the torque curve, and trying to fill in the torque curve with KERS power, but the driving style won't be that different."

He also revealed that he has not yet driven McLaren's 2014 car on the team's simulator.

"I haven't driven it yet and we're purposely not driving it so I can focus on this year and the test drivers can build it up. Most of the time in the simulator it's not anywhere near where it's going to be when we start testing. They don't want to frighten me off!"

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