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Stewart and Hill impressed by Button at McLaren

ESPNF1 Staff
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Jenson Button has exceeded expectations this year © Getty Images
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Sir Jackie Stewart has been impressed by Jenson Button's strong start to the season alongside Lewis Hamilton at McLaren this season.

Stewart said before the season that Button was entering the lion's den by joining a team Hamilton had been at for three years. However, after two wins from four races for Button so far, Stewart said he now thought he had the potential to keep the upper hand over Hamilton.

"It is working much better than I think anyone could have expected," Stewart told media at Silverstone. "I did say that Button would be walking into the lion's den, but what he has proved is that he can handle that very well. That is not to say that he is better than Lewis or vice-versa, but Jenson is in that zone at the moment where he is making the right decisions at the right time. I think if he keeps driving the way he is I would have to say he is the favourite of the two."

He added that Button's experience was shining through and that had helped him in the opening races.

"I still think that Lewis is probably the better racer," Stewart said. "Nobody can pass cars like Lewis can pass cars and he is going to win races this year, I have no doubt about that. But Jenson, at 30, is at just the right age to have gained experience and knowledge and be able to apply it. And he's doing that in a very smooth and calculated fashion."

Damon Hill has also been impressed by Button's season. When asked if either Button or Hamilton could be 2010 champion he said: "There's a good chance, it's an exciting looking season.

"They have two very different styles, a bit like Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna but I think they get on a bit better than those two thankfully. I think Jenson has got style and maturity in his driving now and he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone now he is world champion. He's starting to enjoy himself, and when you get someone in that zone they can be quite impenetrable. My sense is Lewis feels a little bit frustrated with his bad luck but will be back in the frame quite soon."