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McLaren ready for camber change

ESPNF1 Staff
September 7, 2011 « McLaren won't make Hamilton change | »
Tyre blistering was a major worry for the teams at Spa © Getty Images

McLaren principal race engineer Phil Prew says the team has been working to find ways of minimising the effect of the recommended camber changes at the Italian Grand Prix.

Following blistering issues in Belgium when some teams are believed to have exceeded recommendations, Pirelli has lowered the advised maximum camber angle to 3.75 degrees from 4 degrees for the high-speed Monza circuit. Prew told reporters during a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in that he didn't know if it would affect some teams more than others, but that McLaren had already prepared some solutions to help them reduce the effect on lap time.

"It's difficult to say how it will affect us to our main rivals," Prew said. "As at all events we will work with Pirelli to optimise the tyre performance following their recommendations, but we work with Pirelli to optimise durability, lap time, grip, degradation etc. That's part of normal development testing work we do over a normal race weekend.

"We've done some preparation work to look at some options that the camber restraints may impose on us and we have solutions that minimise the impact on lap times. So hopefully we are prepared, we'll test and work with Pirelli on Friday to have a better understanding of the constraints and have a successful race."