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Lowe pleased with DRS effect

ESPNF1 Staff
January 3, 2012 « Bianchi eyes 'important role' in 2012 | Rosberg comfortable with late start »
Paddy Lowe says that the DRS is "much cheaper" than a radical overhaul of the aerodynamics of the cars © Getty Images
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McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe says that the Drag Reduction System (DRS) has proven to be a very easy way of improving overtaking.

Formula One has often searched for new ways to improve the racing on display, with the aerodynamics of cars in recent years being blamed for a lack of overtaking. Lowe said that previous ideas to change the aerodynamic regulations of the cars would have been very expensive, but that the DRS was a simple solution that could be tweaked to suit every track on the calendar.

"What's great about DRS is at least we can move on from this debate of trying to change the aerodynamic characteristics of cars to try to improve overtaking," he told BBC Sport. "We've found something much more authoritative, much cheaper, easier and more effective, and adjustable from race to race."

However, not everyone in Formula One is convinced by the DRS, with Niki Lauda admitting that it "bothers me", while also saying that the system isn't required due to the effect of the rapidly-degrading Pirelli tyres.

"To see passing at the push of a button is fundamentally the wrong direction (for F1)," Lauda told Salzburger Nachrichten. "The front man (the driver in front) is totally defenceless. I think from the sporting point of view it is not right.

"There is enough overtaking already because of the tyres, which often have to be taken right to the limit by the drivers."