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Mercedes had no control of test - Rosberg

ESPN Staff
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Nico Rosberg: "It's a full on Pirelli test, they dictate what we do" © Sutton Images

Nico Rosberg insists Mercedes had no control over what it did in the tyre test with Pirelli which has left it facing the FIA's International Tribunal.

It emerged on Wednesday evening that the FIA was calling Mercedes in front of its International Tribunal as it believes "the conditions of this testing may constitute a breach of the applicable FIA rules". However, speaking after the FOTA Fans' Forum in Montreal, Rosberg said Mercedes was unable to gain anything it wanted from the test as it was at Pirelli's command.

"It's a full on Pirelli test, they dictate what we do," Rosberg told Sky Sports News. "We have no say whatsoever, they say 'Here, you're doing this, that, that and that' and that's it. The engineers they have run our program, so it's not up to us to learn anything or decide on anything that we do."

Rosberg also said the ongoing issue would not be a distraction for him and that he hasn't been concerning himself with the latest developments.

"Not at all, the team is handling it, I'm fully focused on what I'm doing - it hasn't had any effect on me in the preparation. I haven't noticed, but I know the team is working closely together with the FIA to get through it quickly."

Asked during the FOTA Forum if he was aware of the test, Rosberg said the drivers are informed they will be testing for Pirelli prior to the track time.

"I was aware of it. Pirelli asked for the test, so it was a Pirelli test. At the moment of course there's the inquiry that's going on and the team is supplying the FIA with all the information; we'll see how it goes."