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Hamilton wouldn't enjoy being as dominant as Vettel

ESPN Staff
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Lewis Hamilton: "Me, I don't want to be that far ahead" © Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton does not want to be as dominant as Sebastian Vettel is this season, preferring the thrill of the fight when he next challenges for the title.

Hamilton is now 96 points behind Vettel with six races remaining this season and has written off his title hopes. As he saw the Red Bull driver on top of the podium for the third consecutive race, Hamilton said he thought about what it would be like to be that dominant.

"I tried to imagine what it would be like if I was winning races as easy as he has been winning them," Hamilton was quoted by BBC Sport. "It's every driver's dream to have a car to be able to fight, but me, I don't want to be that far ahead. I want to be able to fight with him, or whoever.

"But this is the way it is. It's definitely not a positive thing to hear he has been booed. He's on his way to his fourth world championship, and he needs all the credit he deserves."

Hamilton thinks Red Bull made another step forward in Singapore but is still confident he can fight for victories at the remaining races.

"It's not depressing. It's nothing new. I look at Sebastian's laps on the on-board camera and it doesn't appear as though he is on the limit like some other drivers. When you have that much in hand it makes it that much easier to do so.

"At the end of the day he does the job he needs to do. They've also made a step somewhere on the car this weekend, but I still feel like we can fight at some point through the weekends for the rest of the season."