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Hamilton praises Mercedes for 2013 but says he failed to deliver

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Lewis Hamilton praised Mercedes for a strong 2013 but says he failed to deliver for the team this season.

Mercedes secured second place in the constructors' championship behind Red Bull in Hamilton's first season with the team, which was a marked improvement on its fifth place last year. Despite taking victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton said he didn't perform anywhere near his best and said there will be more to come from him in 2014.

"The only real positive is the team's performance this year," Hamilton said. "That's huge and nobody expected that. I couldn't have hoped for better or for more from then but I feel like I should have done more.

"This year for me has been an average year in terms of my performance so I look forward to working hard and getting myself to the point where I can be where I feel like I can be."

However, Hamilton doesn't think he'll have to adapt his driving style too much to the new regulations next season.

"It's the same thing we do this year. We have KERS, we still have engine braking, we have the DRS, so we're still managing those things. Next year it's just different but we still have to manage the braking, the KERS, the fuel; maybe more, maybe less, who knows? I can't really guess at the moment but obviously we'll have a lot less fuels.

"Then tyres are going to be something that's just an unknown at the moment. Even though you go on the simulator we don't have a tyre model for next year's tyre so it's difficult to know if the driving style is that much different or not."

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