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Mercedes trials 'megaphone' exhaust

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Mercedes has trialled its new 'megaphone' exhaust at Wednesday's in-season test at Barcelona.

The exhaust is designed to make the V6 turbo engines louder after complaints from fans and race promoters about the lack of noise from the cars this year. The 'meagphone' exhaust is designed to amplify the exhaust note, but Mercedes stressed it is a "prototype part to test a concept, not the finished article". The team tested it early on Wednesday morning before reverting to its standard specification.

Reports from trackside suggested there was no obvious increase in volume, meaning the teams may have to go back to the drawing board if the perceived lack of noise is to be addressed.

For any change to stick it will need the unanimous agreement of all the teams and will be introduced across all cars. However, teams and engine manufacturers are keen that revised exhausts do not sacrifice performance just for the sake of a louder noise.

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