• Barcelona Test - Day 2

'Megaphone' exhaust didn't work - Rosberg

ESPN Staff
May 14, 2014 « Mercedes trials 'megaphone' exhaust | 2014 a chance to prove myself - Wolff »
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Nico Rosberg says Formula One needs to go back to the drawing board if it wants to make the cars louder this year, after a trial exhaust system failed to produce the desired effect at Wednesday's in-season test.

Mercedes ran a 'megaphone' exhaust on the car in the morning, but removed it after 13 laps and replaced it with its standard specification. From trackside the exhaust made little difference to the volume and Rosberg admitted it had not changed anything.

"Unfortunately it didn't change anything so we need to keep pushing," he said. "We want to, as a team, make things louder for the sport. We need to keep pushing and try some other solutions because this was not the right solution. It was the same - nothing."

However, Rosberg said he had a productive day working on some of his weaknesses.

"We worked on the brakes, for example, because that's one area where I'm not that comfortable this year, so we were working on different solutions for that. There were a lot of interesting findings on there, but other than that there were a lot of different engine stuff and all these things. It's so valuable, a day like this. At a race weekend you can't test anything like this because not one run is the same as the next and on a day like this everything can be the same, with new tyres and the same fuel. You learn so much."