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Mercedes targets 2013 title tilt

ESPNF1 Staff
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Ross Brawn: "Our intention is to be better every year and it is clear that in this sense we cannot be satisfied" © Sutton Images
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Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn is targeting the title in 2013 after another tricky season off the pace of the front runners.

Brawn won both the drivers' and constructors' championship in 2009 with his self-titled team, but under Mercedes ownership last year it could only manage fourth. This season the team looks locked of for another fourth place finish in the constructors' and Brawn has admitted it will need a year's preparation before targeting the title in 2013.

"Our intention is to be better every year and it is clear that in this sense we cannot be satisfied," Brawn told Spain's El Pais newspaper. "Last year we were fourth and we are again. The next step should be to fight for third or second, and then go for the title in 2013. You need to be going forward and when you do not, you have to know why and to change your strategy.

"Mercedes knows what kind of challenge competing in Formula One is and that's why they want to prove they are capable of meeting the challenge and succeeding. It is the most competitive and complicated championship and if winning it was easy, it would not be interesting."

But Brawn warned that the regulations will remain largely unchanged in 2012 and that would help Red Bull to continue its success.

"If you're winning, as Red Bull are now, that is the scenario that you want," he said. "When the rules do not change there are fewer possibilities of having different interpretations of them."