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Schumacher would welcome wet weather at Silverstone

ESPN Staff
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Michael Schumacher in a sunny Silverstone paddock on Thursday © Sutton Images
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Michael Schumacher would welcome a wet race at the British Grand Prix this weekend.

Some of Schumacher's greatest victories have come in the wet, and with rain forecast over the weekend, he said a wet race could help his chances.

"It's certainly an opportunity - that is clear. It is probably more of an opportunity than having a clear and dry race for us."

The Malaysian Grand Prix saw the worst conditions so far this year and both Mercedes appeared to struggle for pace. But Schumacher put that down to the wrong setup rather than an inherent problem for the car in wet weather.

"We didn't have a good moment going back to Malaysia where it was wet and we didn't look too strong. But I think we understood the reason for that, as much as we understood in Australia - in a dry race - why we had not been strong. Rain here will be a good opportunity to prove [if we are strong or not] and therefore I would welcome a bit of rain at the right moment in time."