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Ricciardo: Vettel will lift Ferrari

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Daniel Ricciardo thinks Ferrari will benefit from the work ethic of his outgoing Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel in 2015 and beyond.

Vettel's switch to Ferrari was confirmed on Thursday after penning a three-year contract. Ricciardo joined up with Vettel at Red Bull this year and has out-performed the German from the opening race, but still has the utmost respect for the way the four-time world champion conducts himself off track.

When asked the main thing he has learnt alongside Vettel this year, Ricciardo said: "I think the way he brings the people who work with him close to him. The way he, in a way, demands and gets what he wants. We're never happy with our cars and always want something better from it. The way he approaches that, he's quite ruthless but also quite fair.

"He's got a good balance of being serious and looking the team in the eye and saying 'I need this', but at the same time he earns their respect by acting that way. He doesn't rest, he's not going to be happy being behind and I think the way he goes about it is pretty good. That's probably the one thing [that stood out]."

Ricciardo is the second most successful product of the Red Bull junior team, behind Vettel. Even though Vettel's relationship with Red Bull stretches all the way back to 1998 Ricciardo does not think the German will take too long to adapt to his new surroundings at Ferrari.

"I don't think he's in for a shock. It depends, he's in for a change that's for sure. He's been with Red Bull for a lot longer than me, from the junior days - 15 years or something crazy he's had a Red Bull helmet. That's pretty much double the stint I've done. The biggest difference is, he'll look at his helmet and there will be no more Red Bull branding so he's got to think of a new design! But I think with the team it's like any change, he'll adapt and he manage. I think the first test will feel weird for him but I'm sure by Melbourne it will feel normal for him."

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