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Webber expects 2012 equality

ESPNF1 Staff
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Mark Webber is 153 points behind team-mate Sebastian Vettel in the championship standings © Getty Images

Mark Webber says he expects to get equal treatment to team-mate Sebastian Vettel in 2012, but that he needs to perform at a higher level to make use of it.

Webber has been clearly outperformed by Vettel in 2011 as he has struggled to get to grips with the new Pirelli tyres, while Vettel has gone on to take 11 wins and secure back-to-back world titles. After revealing to O Estado de S.Paulo that he had been approached by Renault as well as other teams before committing to Red Bull for 2012, Webber was asked if he will get a fair deal alongside Vettel next season, to which he replied: "I believe so."

Webber put that belief down to having finally got a better understanding of the Pirellis.

"By the time I understand how to use these tyres better it was too late for this year, but I think it will be possible to start next season at a high level, which makes all the difference."

Having only extended his contract by one year once again, Webber ruled out a move to another team when he eventually leaves Red Bull.

"Someone like me who has come through from teams without many resources, like Minardi and Williams and then come to a championship structure like we have at Red Bull, there is no going backwards. From here I will go home, not to a small team again. So when I leave here I will do something else rather than race in Formula One."