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Vettel focused on development race

ESPN Staff
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Sebastian Vettel: "Obviously the feedback we give - Mark [Webber] and myself - is extremely important for the guys to go in the right direction" © Press Association
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Sebastian Vettel says his and Mark Webber's feedback on new parts will be crucial in the closing stages of the championship battle.

Following back-to-back victories in Singapore and Japan, Vettel is now just four points behind Fernando Alonso in the drivers' championship, and the win at Suzuka appeared to mark a further step forward for Red Bull. A new front wing and double-DRS system saw Vettel dominate and he says both he and Webber have a key part to play in ensuring the car is developed effectively.

"I think everyone is pushing very hard, and it's not about winning me this title, it's about winning the title for us," Vettel said. "That's our target and that's why we're all pushing so hard - all the guys in Milton Keynes, all the guys here at the circuit - hours and hours, trying to find a little bit and squeeze out a little bit more. Obviously it's not my job to fly the parts around the world or pick them up and drive them to the race track but obviously the feedback we give - Mark [Webber] and myself - is extremely important for the guys here at the track, the engineers, the guys at the factory to go in the right direction."

Vettel also said that meant there would be some more new parts brought to the RB8 in Korea this weekend.

"Obviously there's not a lot of time [between races] but we try to push as hard as we can and I think there's always a little bit of new bits more or less for every race, so we keep continuing that kind of work and approach that we had all season so far."