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Kubica comeback in 2011 not ruled out

ESPNF1 Staff
May 29, 2011 « Perez hospitalised after serious crash | »
The future looks brighter for Robert Kubica than it did a few weeks ago © Sutton Images

Robert Kubica could make a return to Formula One before the end of the season, according to his manager Daniel Morelli.

Reacting to comment from Renault boss Gerard Lopez that a comeback in 2011 was not on the cards, Morelli said it was not out of the question.

"I wouldn't suggest betting Robert won't be back before the end of 2011," Morelli told the BBC. "What Lopez said is not corresponding with the information that we have. There is no basis to make such a statement.

"We [speak] daily with Robert, we know what the doctors are saying, what Dr Ceccarelli [Renault's team doctor], who is coordinating the recovery programme, is saying. We have a lot of information and what Lopez is saying is not corresponding with the information that we have.

"To give a Friday session to Robert is the minimum that the team should give to support its driver. It looks to me kind of an insufficient proposal. When Robert is back, he will be back because he will be capable of doing what he did the day before the accident."

Morelli explained the next stage of the rehabilitation process was to get Kubica onto a simulator. "The simulator will be one of the tools that will be used in order to give Robert again the feeling of speed. He needs to go back to the normal movements that he used to do automatically. There is no concern that the recovery will not be complete or at least sufficient to drive an F1 car.

"Robert's strength, weight and general condition have been showing that we are in the right direction. If the trend keeps going like it is now the doctors think that Robert can start his training programme at the end of July to rebuild his normal conditions: running, strength, breathing. There is no concern that he will not be fit in order to be back."