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Kubica recovery 'going well'

ESPNF1 Staff
August 18, 2011 « HRT on sound footing | »
Gerard Lopez thinks Robert Kubica will return to Formula One in the future © Sutton Images

Renault majority shareholder Gerard Lopez says he believes Robert Kubica's recovery from his rallying crash is 'going well', but that he won't return this season.

Kubica suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident when rallying in Italy in February, and has since been undertaking an intense rehabilitation program as part of his recovery. Lopez told ESPNF1 in an exclusive interview that he had no worries about Kubica's mental ability to return to Formula One, but that it would be a case of how long it takes him to recover sufficiently to drive the car.

"I think it's going well," Lopez said. "Obviously it's a tough battle for him but if anybody can come back it's him. Unfortunately it's not Robert's first big accident. We know about his mental strength but we'll have to see how long the physical side will recover."

Having admitted it was unlikely that Kubica would return in 2011, Lopez said that there was no use dwelling on whether the decision to allow him to participate in rallies was the right one.

"I think he's going to be okay and hopefully we'll see him in a Formula One car again although I don't think that will happen this season. I'm sure he has regrets at Rallying but that doesn't do anything for you, it's all about focusing on coming back."