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Quit rumours 'rubbish' - Hulkenberg

ESPN Staff
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Nico Hulkenberg has yet to complete more than one full season in a race seat with the same team © Getty Images

Nico Hulkenberg has described rumours that he would leave Sauber after the Hungarian Grand Prix as "rubbish".

With Sauber's future having been uncertain until a deal with Russian investors earlier this month, it is believed Hulkenberg has not been paid recently and he declined to answer questions on his contractual status on Thursday. With unverified rumours on Twitter claiming the Hungarian GP would be his last for the team, Hulkenberg was keen to stress he would not be leaving prematurely.

Asked directly about the rumours, Hulkenberg replied: "No, it's rubbish", before confirming he would remain with the team for the rest of the season.

"I read it on my Twitter page where people can write to me, and there was a whole bunch of people having a discussion and I was like 'Where has that come from?'"

However, looking beyond the end of 2013 Hulkenberg admitted he was unsure where he would race next and that he was considering another move.

"I don't know at the moment. I'm looking at all the possible options but I haven't decided yet or done anything so I think that's still more in the longish future to make a decision there. But I'm talking to people - including Sauber - but nothing has been decided."

Hulkenberg also said he was hopeful of improvement at Sauber during the second half of the season.

"We're still working on this year's car; we have some updates here. I think the team will work further on the car beyond the summer break trying to get more performance. Some people have switched their full development already and stopped this year's car to focus on next year and I think because of that and maybe the new tyres [Sauber can be optimistic]."