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'Slap-box' Diaz has got it coming - Ellenberger

ESPN staff
November 3, 2011
Jake Ellenberger talks to ESPN

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Jake Ellenberger has warned Nick Diaz that he has no chance of beating Georges St-Pierre, and he told ESPN that he would easily put the Strikeforce man down if they shared the same Octagon.

Ellenberger and Diaz have history after the latter claimed Jake Shields was not finished in Ellenberger's recent triumph over the Cesar Gracie man. Diaz's comments came despite the fact a dazed Shields was attempting to fight the referee after his first-round KO in September.

Diaz is the next man to fight St-Pierre in the welterweight division, a title crack that Ellenberger himself wants in 2012. In Ellenberger's eyes, Diaz does not have the power to beat either he or GSP, and there is clear determination in the 26-year-old to prove it.

"He likes to run his mouth, I don't get him. He just likes to talk and he is what he is," Ellenberger told ESPN.

"He's gonna get his coming against GSP. GSP's motivated, I don't see what Nick's going to bring to the table. Jake Shields was a more difficult fight for GSP.

"GSP's a lot faster than Diaz, Diaz has no power, he's not going to knock him out. He should have finished BJ and he couldn't even do that.

"His slap-box game... I would like to fight Diaz. Ideally I'd love to fight Diaz, his little patty-cake game he plays, man if he played that with me I'd put him down for sure, 100 per cent. If you did that where I come from, you get your ass whooped.

"But GSP's faster than him, he can take him down and he's better than him everywhere. So I don't see the point of that fight."

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