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Poetic Sonnen urges Anderson Silva to retire

ESPN staff
January 26, 2012

Chael Sonnen arrived at Thursday's UFC on Fox 2 press conference clutching a UFC belt, and then declared that Anderson Silva should retire because he has become "irrelevant".

Sonnen was in poetic form on Thursday, twice busting out rhymes in another public show of confidence ahead of his bout with Michael Bisping.

President Dana White again confirmed the winner will get the next shot at middleweight champion Silva, saying: "Chael's nuts. He's not the champion, he will fight Anderson Silva, he won't fight for the heavyweight title or Jon Jones."

However, Sonnen insisted: "I believe I'm the true champion. This is the true UFC belt, this is Anderson Silva's belt. I took it like a gangster in the night - I walked in and took it. If he wants his belt back he can come and get it.

"But as far as I'm concerned he is as relevant as Mike Tyson and the only thing Anderson should do now is announce his retirement. He should gain 100lbs, sit in the third row and hope that somebody remembers who he is because he doesn't matter anymore."

Bisping arguably got the better of the verbal sparring in Chicago, but Sonnen undoubtedly had his moments, bursting into rhyme without invitation.

"You're looking at the reflection of perfection, the one that gets all your attention, you're looking at the man with the biggest arms, the man with the greatest charm, and the man who came to Chicago to do a lot of harm to the guy three doors down," roared the American.

Then, just as the press conference was coming to a close, Sonnen started again: "Maybe I can ask a question, maybe I can ask three of Michael Bisping. First, what are going to do when you know who? How are you gonna deal with the man of steel? And how will you react to Sonnen's attack?"

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