• UFC 155

Dos Santos: I forgot to protect my face

ESPN staff
January 2, 2013

Junior Dos Santos says he became too obsessed with defending the takedown in his failed UFC heavyweight title defence against Cain Velasquez.

Dos Santos dropped a one-sided decision to the new champion at UFC 155, after being taken down and battered for the best part of five rounds by Velasquez.

However, the rot was started not by a takedown but by a huge right hand from Velasquez, who until that point had failed with all takedown attempts. Dos Santos admits it was his own mistake that cost him.

"He was better and deserved to win, but I used the wrong strategy," Dos Santos told SporTV.

"I was very worried about his entry on my legs and left my face unprotected. So he hit me.

"When I was on the floor, I should have used more jiu-jitsu, I trained so much. But I tried to get back up, and it hurt me too, but on the ground he is very good, very strong.

"I did not connect any punches good. It was bad because I was feeling very well, did a great training camp, everything was just right. But the fight is [over] anyway."

Dos Santos must now fight his way back to the top of the pile to earn a rematch, with Alistair Overeem likely to provide Velasquez's next challenger if he overcomes Antonio Silva in February.

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