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St-Pierre camp negative over potential Silva fight

ESPN staff
May 5, 2011

Georges St-Pierre's camp have raised yet more question marks over the UFC welterweight champion's potential switch to middleweight, insisting he would make a "very small" 185-pounder.

The clamour for a St-Pierre v Anderson Silva superfight, pitting welterweight champion v middleweight champion, could hardly have been greater ahead of GSP's clash with Jake Shields at UFC 129.

However, after a lacklustre display that highlighted plenty of holes in St-Pierre's stand-up, there is a growing belief that he would not have the tools necessary to handle Silva, who is the significantly bigger fighter.

St-Pierre has always pointed to the dangers of altering weight, claiming it could ruin his career at either weight class, and trainer Firas Zahabi admits the odds would be stacked against GSP if he were to step up to 185.

"He'll be very small for a middleweight," Zahabi told ESPN. "If I balloon him up to over 200lbs, it won't do any good. There's a point where you can have too much muscle, and it's not a good thing.

"I think he's got the maximum amount you can put on his body without it starting to be detrimental.

"I'd probably push him up to 200lbs for that fight [with Silva]," said Zahabi, who saw GSP enter the Shields fight at around 193lbs. "He still wouldn't be as big as Anderson and it wouldn't be natural, but it would be better. If you do get on Anderson Silva, having any extra pounds on you is good."

"If he goes up, I would recommend he stay the same size. You don't want Georges to go in there bulked up and unable to perform in the mechanical way that he does."

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