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Stevenson ready to break Vasquez's limbs

ESPN staff
June 21, 2011

Joe Stevenson has warned Javier Vasquez he will "break something" if he gets the opportunity of a submission at UFC Live this weekend.

Stevenson has been angered by Vasquez's family, who have been altering pictures of Stevenson in offensive ways and posting them on the internet.

The former lightweight has a sense of humour, but he is concerned at the repercussions the pictures could have on the lives of his children. Stevenson will get the chance to avenge the pictures in his 145lb debut, and he is out to inflict pain on his rival.

"I knew he was going to do that before," Stevenson said The MMA Hour. "He trains with a lot of the same people I train with back at home. It's something I knew he was going to try to do.

"But I think he messed up. Rather than being a mind game, it became personal. I really will break something if I get the chance."

Stevenson is in desperate need of a win after three straight losses at lightweight, but he insists the referee will have to physically separate him from Vasquez this weekend.

"I'm not scared of his back game, I'm not scared of his rubber guard, I'm not scared of a lot," he said. "I've prepared myself. I respect him everywhere. He's got a great ground game. I know he's worked on his hands. He can threaten you anywhere.

"I just make sure I'm ready for war. I've literally trained my butt off. I ran more, I boxed more, I've gone through more adversity than ever. I'm not gonna stop, not this whole fight. I'm going to go and go and go, and I'm going to have to be pulled off."

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