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Austin hotels price themselves out of the F1 market

ESPN Staff
February 26, 2013 « Ecclestone keen for Melbourne stay | Domenicali doubts Ferrari will set pace »
Fans flocked to the US Grand Prix but those who return may give Austin itself a miss © Sutton Images
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Hotel operators in Austin have priced themselves out of the market for Formula One fans, according to tour operators who are boycotting the city ahead of the 2013 US Grand Prix.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that accommodation in alternative centres such as San Antonio and San Marcos is being advertised with high prices charged in 2012 for rooms in Austin the cause of the switch.

"For some reason the hotels believed they could charge more than hotels in Monaco," John Sinker, an English tour operator, told the newspaper. "They didn't understand that F1 fans are very international and they think nothing about traveling around the world to watch races.

"However, if presented with a choice of going to the Monaco F1 and the Austin F1 and if Monaco is cheaper, they will go to Monaco every time. We will not give the Austin hotels a second chance."

For the race week in 2012 the average daily rate for Austin hotels was $393.69, while San Antonio hotels were averaging $184.20.

San Antonio is about 80 miles from Austin city centre while San Marcos is only 30 miles.