• New Jersey Grand Prix

New Jersey back on course for 2014

ESPN Staff
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Construction work continues on the pit and paddock building for the Grand Prix of Americas despite the cancellation of this year's race © Sutton Images

The promoter of the New Jersey Grand Prix, Leo Hindery Jr. is confident the race will take place in 2014 after a failure to secure local and federal approvals caused the 2013 event to be cancelled.

"We are back under construction," he told Sports Business Daily. "We have the consents in place that we didn't have last fall, and we will quite comfortably put the race on, now probably in the mid-year of 2014 with [Bernie Ecclestone's] support."

Hindery said there were two main projects which needed resolving. "One is the obvious one in that the course itself has to be paved to take out any crowns in the roadway, make it perfectly flat, and then [the FIA] demands a quality of asphalt paving that's very, very high end.

"We were on track, I thought, pretty well for June 2013 and, to be frank, we couldn't get all of the approvals necessary, most especially right around the river itself. Here in the USA, waterways are the responsibility of multiple jurisdictions. We have now all of those consents."

Hindery added that he though Ecclestone " made absolutely the right decision" in removing the race from the schedule for the current season.