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Tyre challenge further hurting Williams

ESPN Staff
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Williams has yet to score a point so far this season © Sutton Images
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Chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar says the current unpredictable tyre situation has made it hard for Williams to recover from its poor start to the season.

Having looked strong during pre-season testing, Williams has struggled to get to grips with its Coanda-effect exhaust and been off the pace so far, failing to score a point in the opening four races. Pujolar said that while the team is trying to work on an upgrade in time for the Spanish Grand Prix, the changing tyre-based difficulties at each track have made it hard to pinpoint potential solutions.

"We are working with a package for Spain and we expect to be better, but at the moment we're still in the process," Pujolar said. "Because all the races are very close together and at every race the track is changing, what's happening with the tyres is changing, so we see the problem but obviously the problem is not exactly the same from one place to another and we're just catching up and trying to get the best for Barcelona.

"I think once we're in Europe everything will be a bit easier; just for the logistics and the way that we are close to the factory. Everything will work much better."

Pujolar also said that it was crucial Williams continued to maximise all aspects of the car and not just trying to rectify the weaknesses.

"When something is not working with the car that part gets more attention but it's not like everyone is looking at that. Everyone needs to be looking at [their own areas] - people working on the mechanical are still looking at the mechanical side, or tyres, otherwise it will be very difficult to get out of the problem. Everyone needs to be focused on their bit of the car."