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Margin of victory makes no difference to Alonso

ESPNF1 Staff
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Fernando Alonso is focused on finishing second in Abu Dhabi © Getty Images

Fernando Alonso is not worrying about winning the world championship by more than seven points at this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Ever since Felipe Massa made way for Alonso at the German Grand Prix, gifting his Ferrari team-mate seven extra points, some observers have suggested Alonso's title will be tainted if he wins it by less than a seven point margin. Earlier this week Jenson Button said: "I just hope if he wins it then he does so by more than seven points. Some will be disappointed with what happened at Hockenheim and question whether he deserves it. I don't care who wins it really."

However, Alonso said the points difference is the last thing he will be thinking about as he crosses the finishing line in Abu Dhabi.

"I think winning by seven, one or 25 is the least important thing in my mind now," he said.

He said his focus was just on taking each session at a time.

"I think we will still see how Friday goes, how Saturday goes as to how we approach the race on Sunday. I think it will depend on how the weekend is going. We will change the tactics depending on how competitive we are or which positions we are."

He added: "I think there's not anything we can do other than try to finish second or first in the race, that is mathematically our position to win the championship, so it's our goal, from tomorrow Friday to Sunday, our preparation will be to reach that target, being on Saturday on the first row if possible, pole position would be welcome as well, and then in the race, being first and second is our only target. It's true that if we are not first and second, we will see how are the other positions, but it's not our job to believe or not believe."

Alonso said that even if he lost the title to one of his competitors, he would still regard this year as a success.

"Obviously, you feel sad if you lose in the last moment," he said. "My case, I will not really have anything to be disappointed about in 2010. The last two years I was fighting to be in Q3 most of the times. Ferrari had a tough year in 2009 as well, so this first year of the relationship we are fighting for the world championship in the last race of the championship against two Red Bulls who are dominating by far the season in terms of speed, so overall I think it doesn't matter on Sunday. It will be a great memory of 2010 to have challenged."